can be combined of multiple elements to effectively solve challenges of different market players

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allow constructing the most effective solution for almost any business: agencies, websites, media groups, advertising networks, e-commerce, data providers

.DSP Admixer.DSP

CMP Admixer.Creatives

DCO Admixer.DCO

DXP & Custom DMP Admixer.DMP

AdServer Admixer.Publisher

Header Bidding Header Bidding

Network Admixer.Network

SSP (AdX) Admixer.SSP

Player Player.Best


Unified ID Admixer.ID


The platform for managing and optimization of programmatically purchased ads with transparent pricing and intuitive interface:

  • premium inventory of 100+ top SSPs
  • cross-platform and multi-format capabilities
  • transparency and security, GDPR compliance
  • built-in DMP module
  • built-in Marketplace module, where the best local and international inventory is collected
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The platform with a wide selection of Rich-media creative templates and built-in Ad Serving:

  • huge library of Rich-media templates: customizable HTML5 formats
  • support of omnichannel advertising
  • tag processing in any ad servers
  • full compliance with IAB standards
  • real-time KPIs reporting

Non-standard formats facilitate the effectiveness of advertising placement: increasing creative’s visibility and user interaction

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Effective technology that allows to create and optimize multiple creatives for a personalized advertising message:

  • selection of the most relevant creative copy for the target audience
  • testing different creatives copies to find and spend on the most efficient
  • ability to combine varied targetings and test them for different creatives
  • creatives customization based on user’s location and time
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Admixer.DMP includes DXP (Data Exchange Platform) tools for managing external and internal data sources between ad products. With this module one is able to connect external data providers, as well as upload and transfer audiences from external providers to ADMIXER products.

While the built-in Custom DMP tool also allows to manage 1st party data and activate previously created audiences for various channels.

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Comprehensive solution for website’s traffic monetization, inventory and demand sources management, profit optimization:

  • supported any type of inventory
  • integrated various demand sources
  • supported all ad formats: from native to video ads
  • monetization of each impression
  • proprietary DMP for data monetization
  • real-time statistics
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Automated auction technology that allows websites to connect and manage multiple demand sources and receive multiple bids simultaneously:

  • simple and fast integration
  • possibility to add other DSP partners
  • statistics on rates, income, and competition for ad placement available online
  • convenient user interface
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Comprehensive technological solution for owners of advertising networks and large media:

  • various formats: desktop, mobile, video, audio, native, CTV, DOOH
  • complete infrastructure for all ecosystem participants
  • oRTB, Header Bidding, Tags, and Direct Demand
  • possibility to group the inventory
  • access to the White Label
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ADMIXER monetization platform for websites, applications, and ad networks:

  • access to more than 100 reliable DSPs
  • direct demand from Admixer.DSP and networks based on ADMIXER technology
  • demand verification by independent vendors
  • various formats: media, native, video, audio, rich media
  • available for any environment: Desktop, Web Mobile, In-app, CTV, and DOOH
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Universal HTML5 video/audio player with built-in monetization:

  • supports the latest audio and video formats
  • full customization
  • management and planning of advertising campaigns
  • complete integration with demand sources
  • content hosting
  • detailed data regarding player usage
  • thorough performance and efficiency reports in real-time
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SDK allows mobile applications to connect to ad networks for displaying in-app ads:

  • all advertising formats are available: Rewarded, Interstitial, Banner
  • compatibility with Android and IOS platforms
  • mediation with in-app advertising networks
  • monetization from all Admixer.DSP networks and partners
  • possibility to launch own advertising campaigns
  • monetization settings, bidfloors, etc. through sales rules
  • UI and Admixer.Publisher in one account
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Unified system for segmentation, targeting, and audience measurement from ADMIXER that takes into account all the requirements of user data confidentiality:

  • cross-platform and multichannel system
  • privacy protection
  • integration with 3rd party identifiers
  • opportunity to increase publishers’ income
  • fraud prevention
  • permanent support for publishers
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we offer 6 important criteria for their evaluation


The technology should allow integration with a set of already used solutions and components and adapt to existing business processes
ADMIXER technology is built as a flexible modular ecosystem with many microservices to solve various problems and is successfully integrated into other solutions


–°ustomization is essential for efficient programmatic ad operations since all-purpose solutions are not always effective enough
ADMIXER products provide customization possibilities within: advertising templates and formats, optimization algorithms, reports and metrics, marketplace, etc.


Modern requirements toad campaigns quality imply the availability of SSP, DMP, or CMP in addition to the basic DSP which are more effective when used together
ADMIXER ecosystem combines a full range of programmatic solutions and additional services: DSP, DMP, CMP, SSP, advertising inventory, data, other related services


Adtech solutions should not be built as a closed ecosystem. They should allow integration and interaction with external services and platforms (including using API)
ADMIXER technology supports different methods of integration with other solutions. ADMIXER has more than 100 active integrations and contracts with international partners


Adtech solutions are long-term products that should be relevant for more than one year, so their scalability is important: compliance with standards, regions, formats
ADMIXER products are multi-platform: desktop, mobile/in-app, CTV, DOOH. The wide geography of data centers allows technology usage in different countries


The advertising industry is dynamically changing, so adtech solutions must adapt to changes and market demands on time, they cannot be static
ADMIXER's business model is focused on building long-term partnerships and developing products in line with customer needs and market standards